Karina Villa, Chief Engagement Officer
NP Engagement

Meet Karina Villa

San Antonio, Texas, the beautiful city where I was born and raised, was the city that my parents came to after giving up their home and career for us, the family, to attain the American dream. Though there were struggles of not knowing any English and not knowing many people, we had a community that stepped up to support us. We had church members like the nuns who would help us with bringing us food, teachers who dedicated that extra time to teach us English so that we wouldn’t get held back. I remember clearly what difference a hot plate of food, delivered out of kindness, made to us. I remember clearly what difference a community, coming together, can make in the life of a person. I cherish these beautiful memories growing up as the proud daughter of immigrant parents.

My dream growing up was to be a voice for those that needed it the most. It was my calling. After attending St. Mary’s University and studying International Relations, I worked several jobs until I one day found my career path, my calling. It wasn’t law school, which was what I initially wanted to do to help those without a voice in justice, but it was instead working in the nonprofit sector. I would tell their story, fundraise, give them a voice, and provide donors a blank canvas in which they could build their life’s work – as I was building mine. This is what inspired me to create NP Engagement.

After years of working in fundraising and many times feeling the pain of the nonprofit, and having to witness the work swallow them whole, I remembered about community, and how eager everyone was to help my family when we first arrived here. I remembered the love in their heart and how life-saving it was for us. That is the heart and the inspiration behind NP Engagement.

NP Engagement is a partner to the nonprofit, a partner to the donor, and a partner to the community. We understand the needs of the nonprofits, the needs of the donor, and the needs of the community. We have a unique approach to development that helps donors fulfill the needs in their community via the work of the nonprofit. Much as those nuns who showed up at our door on behalf of their church to bring us a hot meal, at NP Engagement we partner with people to do great work. We look forward to being a partner with you.

On a personal note: I enjoy spending quality time with my son, Andres, who is an absolute blessing, and my two four legged additions to the family, Yoki and Reggie – my two rescue furry loves. Yes, I’m an animal lover and a rescuer, I’ve even rescued baby skunks! Yikes, yes! We are a devout Christian family who enjoys working out at the YMCA, we love watching movies, and even do Muay Thai. So, if you see us out there in this beautiful city of San Antonio, say, “Hi!” We love making new friends.

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At NP Engagement, we recognize that building a community we are proud to leave behind is a joint effort. That is why we build DEVELOPMENT STRATEGIES that are inclusive for every member of our community. Working together TODAY, we guarantee a stronger and safer community TOMORROW.