Non Profit Engagement’s mission is to strengthen the nonprofit sector by creating exquisite donor experiences, heightened donor retention and beneficial donor engagement.


Corporate Giving.
Donor Development.
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1. To expand philanthropy among individuals and organizations, and depend donor responsiveness and

2. To increase nonprofit organizations’ effectiveness in communication, donor understanding, improved planning

3. Celebrate the incredible work of donors large and small, to share stories, and do passionate and successful work impact achieving
their mission through improved donor and public involvement and support

Purpose and Commitment

Through the firm’s efforts, NPE seeks to:

1. Increase donor retention and involvement

2. Provide accessible, professional and successful

3. Help donors preserve the natural beauty of the world in development work, to help strengthen nonprofits and encourage their success all of its diversity and wonder

Philanthropy Services.

We understand the challenges funders face on a daily basis. In a world with increasingly complex social issues, there has been a great need for more and more philanthropy. At times it may feel that the world rests on your shoulders. At NPE, we will work to fulfill your intentions, and return the joy to giving.

At NPE, we approach every project as unique and adapt the project score to a funder’s core needs and desired outcomes. We want to make sure your generosity results in the lasting impact, you intended.

NPE offers extensive experience with family, private, community and corporate grant-makers. Our knowledge of a wide range of effective practices allows us to address the funders’ specific needs and honor their unique culture. We are up-to- date on methods to achieve maximum benefit and leverage investments through partnerships and collaboration.

Our on-the- ground understanding of how nonprofits work, the challenges they face, and innovative strategies to address societal issues, aids in grounding funders’ and protecting their investments.

Family Philanthropy

NPE specializes in assisting family foundations to operate effectively, while considering family intentions and needs. We help family foundations incorporate next generations, honor donor intent, improve board functioning and train staff.

Strategic Planning and Retreat Facilitation

Retreats are a powerful method of engaging foundation leadership in examining governance, having productive discussions, and making decisions about the future. NPE plans and facilitates retreats to discuss core opportunities, challenges, policies, procedures, priorities and desired outcomes and impact.

Individual Donor Philanthropy

NPE plays an active role in understanding the intention of donors, and fulfilling their intentions through the work of nonprofits. By removing trial and error, we allow donors to make sound decisions on the impact of their investment.

Funder Collaboratives

NPE recognizes the significant value in bringing grant-makers together. These relationships allow funders to collaborate and realize impact, and the ability to increase effectiveness and ultimately strengthen the nonprofit sector.

Non Profit Services.

At NPE, we understand the challenges nonprofits face on a daily basis. Funding is competitive. Leadership is stretched thin. The future is uncertain. NPE is here to help. We approach every organization as unique, and share strategies that attract funders, develop leadership capacity and encourage long term planning. We position you to accomplish your mission

Strategic Planning

We help our clients assess the state of their organization, identify priorities, and define paths to achieve their goals. We device our planning in multi-year projection of income and expenses so that organizations determine realistic objectives, and have a revenue generation plan to attract necessary resources to ensure your mission’s success.


We teach our clients how to increase private sector support from foundations, corporations, and individuals in order to diversify funding and encourage sustainability. In addition to strategy and counsel, NPE provides hands-on collaborative work, training, and mentorship so that work is complete.

Donor Retention

We will develop a customized functional donor management database, to meet the needs of your agency, with an integrated donor tracking system capable of producing professional profiles, ready for gift solicitation.

Donor Cultivation

Quarterly newsletters, thank you letters, annual appeals, coffee with the CEO, donor phone calls, development visits, personalized birthday cards, personalized emails and tiered gifts.

Strategic Planning and Retreat Facilitation

Retreats are a powerful method of engaging boards and nonprofit leadership in examining governance, having productive discussions, and making decisions about the future. NPE plans and facilitates retreats to discuss core opportunities, challenges, policies, procedures, priorities and desired outcomes and impact.

Capital Campaigns

We specialize in planning and implementing “first campaigns.” Many organizations must conduct a campaign and have the will to accomplish their goals, but they may need help to establish volunteer leadership, fundraising systems and staff, and build an adequate prospective donor base. NPE works with organizations to develop campaigns that not only raise money to reach the financial goal, but also build overall fundraising capacity and long-term sustainability as a result.

First Campaigns

NPE works with organizations to begin the journey of their first capital campaign. First campaigns present unique challenges and risks because many of the systems and building blocks of diversified fundraising are not yet in place, board and staff, while willing, often lack direct experience in campaign fundraising. First campaigns require innovative methods beyond standardized, traditional approaches.

At NPE, we focus on building capacity within the organization, enhancing infrastructure, creating fundraising tools and policies, increasing staff and board capabilities in fundraising, and actually building a base of donors for long and healthy relationships. We will work side-by- side with volunteer leaders and staff and provide hands-on assistance to guide them through a process of transformation, rather than simply providing strategic advice.

Grant Writing

We understand that your mission’s needs will be ongoing, therefore we will work to diversify your funding portfolios’, to ensure the opportunity for a constant stream of active funders’.

Church Relations

NPE works with a variety of churches of all faiths, to secure benevolence funding, volunteers and donations. We communicate with church councils, speak at Temple Talks, and manage relationships with churches and church ministries.

Clients, Partners, Affiliations

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