Non Profit Engagement’s mission is to strengthen the nonprofit sector by creating exquisite & unique donor experiences, to heighten donor retention, and to cultivate beneficial donor engagement.

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Corporate Giving.
Donor Development.
Database Management.

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    Corporate Giving

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    Donor Development and Database Management

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    Public Relations and Reputation Management


  1. To expand philanthropy among individuals and organizations, and depend donor responsiveness
  2. To increase nonprofit organizations’ effectiveness in communication, donor understanding, improved planning
  3. To celebrate the incredible work of donors large and small, to share stories, and do passionate and successful work impact achieving their mission through improved donor and public involvement and support

Purpose and Commitment

  1. Increase donor retention and involvement
  2. Provide accessible, professional and successful
  3. Help donors preserve the natural beauty of the world in development work, to help strengthen nonprofits and encourage their success all of its diversity and wonder


“It is with great pleasure that I actively support the “I Am Heidi” program, developed by NP Engagement and implemented by the Heidi Search Center. This program was strategically designed to establish role models for children, expand their resources, and build their self-esteem in efforts to break the stigma associated with being a victim of human trafficking. It is tackling the problem of human trafficking directly, by taking the tools out of the hands of the predators and putting them in the hands of our children.”

-Tommy Calvert, Bexar County Commissioner, PCT. 4

“…and when they came up with such a good fit of something new, different, cutting-edge, and the best thing, inclusive…we knew we had the perfect match.”

-Dottie Lancaster, Executive Director – Heidi Search